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we are an outgoing couple, who truly cares about your day and experiece. We want to capture your essense and personalities.

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- The Boss - Hey Beautiful People!

I am Michell, yes without the last "E"

I am a creative mind who literally just likes to create. Whether its crafting, building, or photographing - I'm in! Tacos ARE LIFE - Tuesdays are my jam! (care to guess why?). But my all time favorite thing (other than photography) is being a mom. My dudes are my world!! We craft, read books, play outside, and get dirty! I am so grateful, for our little family.

This is us

Hey, we’re Michell and Ruben, a photography power couple in Florida, the “Sunshine State” with our own personal little rays of sunshine, our sons Sylar & Logan


One of our favorite things about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time that will never repeat itself. It's like having magical powers where we can stop time to hold onto those moments forever... it’s one of the most rewarding feeling. Photography gives us an escape to another world, a world of creativity and uniqueness with different perspectives. Being able to capture people’s essence and their happiness is our happiness. Giving our clients a memory they can hold onto forever which allows them to relive those feelings and emotions is what we love the most about this passion, photography.


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- The Hired HelpHi there! I'm Ruben,

People always ask me why I shoot weddings...

Without hesitation or having to think twice I can assure you... it is for the cake! But, if you have tacos and cake - Can I please come? I love being behind the camera, it's definitely my happy place. We have so much fun with our clients (who have all become friends). I am for sure the more introverted, of the two of us... just read her BIO :).

"The more likely you believe in your own ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will."

- Shawn Achor -

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