About Us

Hi! I’m Michell
I’m a South Florida based photographer who is lucky to share her photography passion and career with her better half Ruben. We reside in the “Sunshine State” with our own personal little ray of sunshine, our son Sylar. My better half and I meet years ago while shooting a wedding; our colleagues introduced us. It wasn’t until years later that we reconnected, and several coffee dates later we decided on forever together, hint (we are coffee addict’s lol). Safe to say it’s one of the many passions we share besides our love for photography. On our free time we enjoy taking spontaneous trips, dine out (big taco lovers) and spending family time together.




My journey in photography began many moons ago back in College when I took a black and white photography class. The first time I picked up a camera I knew that I wanted to hold on to it forever.While in College I had the opportunity to do an internship and work as a second shooter for an amazing friend in the industry and from that moment on I never put my camera down again. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with some amazing photographers in the industry and humbled to be able to do it on my own now with my partner in crime by my side helping and supporting me along this great journey that we have embarked on together.



One of my favorite things in photography is being able to capture a moment in time that will never repeat itself; having the power to freeze that moment in time it’s one of the most rewarding feeling. Photography gives me an escape to another world, a world of creativity and uniqueness with different perspectives. Being able to capture people’s essence and their happiness is my happiness. Seeing those big smiles every time they see their pictures and being able to re-create those feelings and emotions every time they look at their images is what I love the most about my job.


“We hope you enjoy our page and encourage you to follow us on our great journey and adventures around the world. And hopefully one day you and I will get to create memories together that last a lifetime.”

With Love,
Michell & Ruben


Palm Beach, Florida